Dress [with] Sense The Practical Guide to a Conscious Closet

Christina Dean, Sofia Tärneberg, Hannah Lane

A stylish guide to environment-friendly ways of buying, wearing, caring for, and decluttering your wardrobe, illustrated with case studies and tips from eco-fashion pioneers across the world

As part of a growing global awareness of the importance of eco-conscious living, both for the planet and as a means of promoting fair labor practices, more people than ever before are seeking to dress in an environmentally friendly way. On a broader scale, initiatives to promote a more sustainable approach to fashion have made headlines and grown like never before, from the release of the high-profile documentary The True Cost to the launch of the worldwide “Fashion Revolution” campaign.

This timely book is organized into four chapters—Buy, Wear, Care, and Dispose—each containing a short introduction with essential information followed by practical tips and illustrated case studies to help you make the first step toward a more sustainable wardrobe. A detailed reference section recommends not only the best ethical fashion labels and collections but also eco-friendly fabrics, standards, and certifications; cleaning methods; renting, swapping, and recycling initiatives; and much more.


Christina Dean


Christina Dean is CEO of Redress, which she founded in 2007. She is a regular speaker at seminars and has received numerous recognitions for her work, including being listed by Vogue as one of the UK’s “Top 30 Inspirational Women.”

Sofia Tärneberg


Sofia Tärneberg is a former program director at Redress. She has been working in sustainable fashion for several years.

Hannah Lane


Hannah Lane is communications director at Redress, prior to which she headed up the sustainability consultancy OgilvyEarth China.