Dotty's First Book

Becky Baur

Fun, contemporary, and quirky illustrations introduce colors, numbers, and shapes

This is a book to share with very young children just beginning to explore their world. Becky Baur—whose charming illustrations are full of warmth and humor—has fun on the page introducing colors, numbers, shapes, opposites, and first words.

Each spread presents a key concept either via a single scene or a number of small artworks—all with first-word labels. There are all kinds of things to spot and find in the pictures, including animals who play a riotous game of peekaboo throughout the book. Die-cut shapes lead Dotty the spotty dog and the child through the book and provide visual surprises when you turn each page to reveal a different scene: playing in the garden, walks to the park, and even flying a toy rocket to the moon.

Dotty’s First Book encourages children to engage with text and illustrations on the page, helping them become familiar with numbers, shapes, and colors, while Baur’s graphic and contemporary quirky style keeps parents entertained.


Every baby needs a 'word book.' This new one features whimsical art and a sprightly spotted dog making its way through its day. There's a lot of interesting information for a curious little one.

— The New York Times Book Review


Becky Baur


Becky Baur trained as a sculptor at Brighton College of Art. She is now an established textile designer. She also runs her own business designing cushions, cards, notebooks, and ceramics that are sold into shops and galleries internationally.