Dogs and Chairs Designer Pairs

Cristina Amodeo

An imaginative collection of drawings for dog lovers who love design, design lovers who love dogs


At first glance, a Welsh corgi may not seem to have a lot in common with an Arne Jacobsen Grand Prix chair. It takes a creative eye, such as Cristina Amodeo’s, and some imagination to see the chair’s Y-shaped back in the dog’s flared ears and long nose, and maybe even in the playful tilt of its head.

Amodeo maintains this design-conscious vision through twenty sets of matching dogs and chairs laid out side by side: a series of visual puns. Philippe Starck’s Pratfall chair finds its match in the fox terrier, while the Billy sees itself in an Eames creation. Amodeo’s quirky illustrations and sharp eye make for a witty and playful package, the perfect gift for lovers of dogs, furniture, clever graphics, or all three.


Cristina Amodeo


Cristina Amodeo is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Milan. She is the coauthor of Matisse’s Gardens.