Dive in Style

Tim Simond

“A stylish guide for experienced and novice divers with wonderful photographs and practical advice.”—Harper’s Bazaar

For the second edition of this popular guide to the best and most luxurious diving on the planet, Tim Simond has substituted six sophisticated and exclusive locations: the Turks and Caicos, Fiji, Mozambique, French Polynesia, Oman, and Indonesia. The information about the dive centers and hotels has been updated throughout, and there are some 200 breathtaking new photographs.

Spanning the globe from Costa Rica to Mozambique, Florida to Fiji, twenty-six stunning destinations—including four amazing dive boats—offer something for everyone, pairing each region’s most spectacular dive sites with the ultimate places to stay. You can get close to ancient sea turtles and gliding manta rays, multicolored fish and brilliantly adaptive octopuses . . . and then put your feet up at one of the world’s most luxurious hotels.


A photographic journey of great dive sites paired with first-class, luxury accommodations.

— US Airways Magazine

Informed and informative…a beautiful browse

— The Midwest Book Review

The intricate patterns, dramatic colors, and wonderful diversity of the denizens of the deep captured in this book truly must be seen to be believed.

— Passport

A dreamy book packed with luxurious desert island locations and waterborne hideaways.

— Glamour


Tim Simond


Tim Simond captured all of Dive in Style‘s images on location, using both digital and film cameras. He lives in London.