Digging Up Britain Ten Discoveries, a Million Years of History

Mike Pitts

An award-winning archaeologist and journalist chronicles England’s history—as told through the country’s recent archaeological discoveries.

Digging Up Britain traces the history of Britain through key discoveries and excavations. With British archaeologist Mike Pitts as a guide, this book covers the most exciting excavations of the past ten years, gathers firsthand stories from the people who dug up the remains, and follows the latest revelations as one twist leads to another.

Britain, a historically crowded place, has been the site of an unprecedented number of discoveries—almost everywhere the ground is broken, archaeologists find evidence that people have been there before. These discoveries illuminate Britain’s ever-shifting history that we now know includes an increasingly diverse array of cultures and customs.

Each chapter of the book tells the story of a single excavation or discovery. Some are major digs, conducted by large teams over years, and others are chance finds, leading to revelations out of proportion to the scale of the original project. Every chapter holds extraordinary tales of planning, teamwork, luck, and cutting-edge archaeological science that produces surprising insights into how people lived a thousand to a million years ago.


Mike Pitts


Mike Pitts is the author of Digging up Britain, Digging for Richard III, and Hengeworld. He is the editor of British Archaeology magazine and is a trained archaeologist with firsthand experience digging at Stonehenge. He has presented at countless events and talks at Stonehenge.