Daido Moriyama Record 2

Mark Holborn

The direct sequel to a classic photobook. An exceptional selection of photographs from Daido Moriyama's seminal magazine publication from 2017 to today.

Between June 1972 and July 1973, Daido Moriyama produced his own magazine publication, Kiroku, which was then referred to as Record. It became a diaristic journal of his work as it developed. In 2006, encouraged by the Japanese publisher Akio Nagasawa, Moriyama was able to resume publication of Record.

The first thirty issues of Record were edited by Mark Holborn into the now classic 2017 photobook of the same title. Daido Moriyama: Record 2, also edited by Mark Holborn, picks up from where the original left off, with a selection of images and texts by Moriyama from issues thirty-one to fifty of the magazine. With Moriyama now in his eighties, Record 2 will likely be the end of the story. But despite his advancing years, the work is unmistakably Moriyama's aesthetic—fiercely contrasted images with fragmentary, intensely composed frames that express the vision of one of the greatest photographers.


Mark Holborn


Mark Holborn is an internationally recognized editor and designer of illustrated books working with a diverse range of artists, from William Eggleston to Lucian Freud. He is also a curator, author, and specialist on Japanese culture. His books include Antony Gormley on Sculpture, Susan Meiselas: On the Frontline, and Daido Moriyama: Record.