Claudia Andujar: The Yanomami Struggle

Claudia Andujar, Thyago Nogueira, Bruce Albert


This book is published to accompany Claudia Andujar, The Yanomami Struggle at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, the most ambitious exhibition ever devoted to the Brazilian photographer who since the 1970s has dedicated her life to photography and the protection of the Yanomami Indians, one of the largest Amerindian communities in the Brazilian Amazon.

Conceived by Thyago Nogueira for the Instituto Moreira Salles in Brazil, Claudia Andujar, The Yanomami Struggle features over 200 black-and-white and color photographs, many of which have never been shown before, as well as an audiovisual installation, historical documents and drawings produced by Yanomami artists. The fruit of several years’ research into the photographer’s archives, the exhibition reflects the two inseparable aspects of her approach: one aesthetic, the other political. The exhibition also shows Claudia Andujar’s significant contribution to photographic art and the essential role she has played and continues to play in the defense of Yanomami rights and the forest in which they live.


Claudia Andujar


Claudia Andujar is a photographer and activist, and a founding member of the Brazilian NGO Comissao Pró Yanomami.

Thyago Nogueira


Thyago Nogueira is Head of the Contemporary Photography Department at Instituto Moreira Salles (IMS), Brazil, and editor of ZUM magazine.

Bruce Albert


Bruce Albert is an anthropologist and committed advocate of the Brazilian Yanomami, with whom he has been working since 1975.