Classic Contemporary The DNA of Furniture Design

Tim Gosling

A revered furniture designer’s in-depth look at the creations—both classic and contemporary—that have inspired him


Tim Gosling is internationally renowned for his exquisitely designed interiors and beautifully crafted furniture catering to a range of public and private clients. Whether a Georgian town house or Victorian mansion, a Venetian penthouse or Florida home, Gosling brings both a classic and a contemporary look to his work that respects the architecture of the space and the needs of those who commission him. Each element of his designs is produced from the finest materials and to the most exacting standards by highly skilled British craftsmen.

Classic Contemporary is an opportunity for Gosling to explore his influences, including historical sources (dating from the eighteenth century to the twentieth) and the work of contemporaries. He examines the most essential elements, not just the bones but the DNA of classic design, to discover how they have endured and how they can be adapted for contemporary tastes. Through these pages, Regency, Victorian, Art Deco, or Modernism can be viewed in a new light, providing inspiration and unique insight into the work of one of today’s most respected designers.


Tim Gosling


Tim Gosling served eighteen years as a Director at furniture design company David Linley before founding Gosling, a luxury bespoke design service. His first book, Gosling, Classic Design for Contemporary Interiors, was followed by a collection of his pencil sketches, London Secrets: A Draughtsman’s Guide.