Celtic Design The Tree of Life

Aidan Meehan

The designs and patterns of the Celts, expressed in their metalwork, stonework and jewelery, and continued in the manuscript illumination of Celtic Christianity, are an art form whose legacy has fascinated both Celtic and non-Celtic peoples for centuries.


This book adds to the series of practical, step-by-step guides on Celtic design for designers and craftspeople. The tree of life is one of the most popular and enduring motifs in Celtic art, found on Pictish sculpted stone slabs, Celtic and Northumbrian crosses and illuminated manuscripts. This book explores the symbolism and history of the motif and demonstrates its versatility as a design today.


Aidan Meehan


Aidan Meehan has been researching and practicing Celtic knot design since discovering the triple-grid method of Celtic knot design in 1974. He is the author of the eight-volume Celtic Design series and many other books on the subject.