Cahiers d'Art Special Issue, 2015 Picasso in the Studio

Cécile Godefroy, Vérane Tasseau


The latest issue of the Cahiers d’Art revue is devoted to Pablo Picasso and the various techniques he employed, offering an exceptional, intimate look at the artist in his studio. Through rare and previously unpublished photographs by such photographers as Edward Quinn, Lucien Clergue, Lee Miller, and David Douglas Duncan, this issue of the renowned arts publication provides a captivating perspective on the concept of the artist at work. Through this rich and detailed exploration of the artist’s practice and environments, the issue also sheds new light on the creative process as a whole.

The revue is comprised of seven chapters, each devoted to a particular technique demonstrated in the photographs, alongside texts by noted historians such as Elizabeth Cowling, Cécile Godefroy, Ann Hindry, Brigitte Leal, Marilyn McCully, and Vérane Tasseau. Each chapter is followed by an interview with a contemporary artist, including Miquel Barceló, George Condo, Sheila Hicks, William Kentridge, Jeff Koons, Robert Longo, and Tatiana Trouvé. They have been invited to comment on the technique under discussion, in Picasso’s work and in their own, as well as on their connection to the artist.

The revue also highlights Picasso’s relationship with former Cahiers d’Art publisher Christian Zervos through the reproduction of key articles on Picasso published during the artist’s lifetime.


Cécile Godefroy

Edited By

Cécile Godefroy is a guest editor for Cahiers d’Art.

Vérane Tasseau

Edited By

Vérane Tasseau is a freelance art historian and researcher for the Picasso Administration.