Bigger Than This The Fun & Educational Card Game of Science Facts

Jenny Jacoby, Daniel Frost

Grab your gloves and your lab coat and prepare to explore chemistry, zoology, botany, and astronomy in this ultimate science showdown.

Did you know that Planet Earth is bigger than Mars? Or that you brushed your teeth with a chemical element this morning? Can you name a plant that eats insects? How about an animal that is louder than a jet engine?

In Bigger Than This, the four suits have been replaced by four different fields of science—chemistry, zoology, botany, and astronomy.


Jenny Jacoby


Jenny Jacoby writes and edits books and magazines for children. From science activity books to inspiring profiles, puzzles, and quizzes, she is passionate about making information fun. She lives in London.

Daniel Frost

Illustrated By

Daniel Frost is an award-winning graduate of the Royal College of Art. His work blends modern images with traditional mediums.