Big Art / Small Art

Tristan Manco

Brilliantly innovative artists revolutionizing traditional approaches to art through an exaggerated use of scale


Scale is being taken to new extremes in art: from Luke Jerram’s microbiological clear-glass sculptures and Klari Reis’s petri dish paintings, to Lilian Bourgeat’s oversized furniture and stemware and Janet Echelman’s 230-foot-long aerial sculpture that was installed over the Amstel River in Amsterdam. Art lovers are forced to examine these massive or tiny works through a new perspective.

Featured here are forty-five cutting-edge artists from around the world who are revolutionizing our approach to scale in art, using crafted or found objects, unusual materials, texture, color, and patina to create a sense of wonder in which we think afresh about function, appearance, beauty, and aesthetics. The book is divided into two sections: Big Art and Small Art. The artists showcased are innovative in their choice of materials, which include plastic bags (Pascale Marthine Tayou) crayons and pencils (Diem Chau), leaves (Lorenzo Manuel Durán), inflatables (Choi Jeong Hwa),and digital media (Yang Yongliang). Stylishly designed and highly accessible, this is the first book to bring together in one volume the very best examples of big and small art of the twenty-first century.


Maintaining a sense of winder and a wide aesthetic, this survey reveals a meaningful exploration of art ranging from monumental to tiny.

— Public Art Review

A coffee table book full of work that uses scale, large and small, as an essential element…Unexpected [and] eye-popping.

— Unshelved by Ambaum & Barnes

Mining the artistic potential of scale in art, Big Art/Small Art is comprehensive, offering intelligent, in-depth critical essays and artists' biographies. Ideal for art students. General readers interested in contemporary art will find [this book] colorful and accessible.

— Library Journal

Big Art/Small Art is more than just a catalog of large and small works of art: it's a statement about the value of perspective.

— Modern in Denver


Tristan Manco


Tristan Manco is the author of many graffiti and street art titles, including Stencil Graffiti, Street Logos, Graffiti Brasil, Street Sketchbook, and Street Sketchbook: Journeys. Manco leads workshops on street art practices and is a regular lecturer at schools and colleges, as well as being a sought-after consultant and speaker at street art conferences.