Art Since 1960

Michael Archer

“A welcome publication covering a period in art history not yet properly documented.” —Choice

This intelligently argued overview is invaluable for the way in which it reveals and makes coherent sense of the often-bewildering diversity of styles, forms, media, techniques, and agendas that proliferate in contemporary art. Extensively revised and expanded since it was first published, Michael Archer’s acclaimed book is brought fully up to date in this third edition. A completely new section maps the developments in contemporary art since 2000, ensuring that the book remains an indispensable source of information on the evolution of art over the past five-and-a-half decades.




Unpacks the complex diversity of the art of the past 50 years, identifying and defining its proliferation of styles, forms, techniques, influences, and motivations…Highly recommended.

— Choice


Michael Archer


Michael Archer is an art critic and Professor of Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. His writing on art has appeared in Artforum, Parkett, and Art Monthly.