Ancient Greece A New History

Jeremy McInerney

An extensively illustrated introduction to ancient Greek history

Ancient Greece: A New History is a new, single-authored survey of the ancient Greek world that brings the past to life with a fresh narrative and vivid images. Drawing on the latest archaeological research and textual evidence, award-winning teacher and scholar Jeremy McInerney shows that many of the issues that concerned the ancient Greeks—justice and inequality, nationalism and xenophobia, medicine and science—are relevant today.

Key features include more than 200 color images; chapter-opening timelines, detailed maps and plans; chapter-ending illustrated “Spotlight” features; and instructor and student resources.


Jeremy McInerney


Jeremy McInerney is Davidson Kennedy Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and chair of the Graduate Group in Ancient History. He is the author of many books, editor of Blackwell's Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean, and coeditor of Landscapes of Value: Natural Environment and Cultural Imagination in Classical Antiquity.