Advertising New Techniques for Visual Seduction

Uwe Stoklossa, Thomas Rempen

“Looking to create some fresh visuals? [Advertising] is your ticket to inspiration.”—Dynamic Graphics


Advertisers are engaged in a constant search for new ways to grab the interest and appetites of consumers. Often they use words to provoke interest, but just as frequently they use eye-fooling images to pull viewers up short and force them to look again. The second look is the key to a successful piece of communication, and images that elicit that reaction are an indispensable trick of the advertising trade.

Uwe Stoklossa knows the secrets behind that second glance. He shares the knowledge here in hundreds of examples of ads he has collected from around the world, and in his intriguing essays on perception, optical tricks, and illusion. This book will arm you with a myriad of new techniques for visual seduction and will act as a springboard for a host of new concepts. It’ s a source of ideas and inspiration for anyone involved in advertising or the business of communication.


Examples of recent advertising with that extra something that manages to communicate in the blink of an eye.

— CMYK Magazine


Uwe Stoklossa


Uwe Stoklossa was born in Hessen, Germany, in 1975. He studied under Thomas Rempen at the University of Essen, where he gained a degree in communications design. He now works as a freelance copywriter and designer.

Thomas Rempen

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