Adventures in Tornado Alley The Storm Chasers

Mike Hollingshead, Eric Nguyen, Chuck Doswell

From surreal skyscapes to wholesale destruction: the most dramatic scenes from the natural world.


The destructive power of nature has always been a source of fear and fascination, and never more so than now, when climate change and extreme weather conditions are constantly in the news. Across the central United States, the infamous storms of Tornado Alley are fueled by the collision of cold fronts from Canada and warm fronts from the Gulf of Mexico. People have been chasing these storms for decades in pursuit of thrilling experiences, but now a new generation of storm chasers is combining scientific knowledge with powerful images.

This book follows Mike Hollingshead and Eric Nguyen on seventeen chases through Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, illustrating the unfolding events with sequential shots and a running commentary by the chasers themselves. These spectacular storm portfolios are expanded with special features on weather phenomena like hail and mammatus clouds plus insights into forecasting and research.


Mike Hollingshead


Mike Hollingshead has been intrigued by weather since he was a child and is a full-time storm chaser.

Eric Nguyen


Eric Nguyen is a meteorologist who has been chasing storms for twelve years.

Chuck Doswell

Introduction By

Meteorologist and veteran storm chaser Chuck Doswell provides an illuminating, accessible explanation of the science behind the storms.