A Field Guide to Spring Play and Learn in Nature

Gabby Dawnay, Dorien Brouwers, Louise Black

A charming series inspired by the Forest School movement, teaching young children how to engage with nature from season to season.

A Field Guide to Spring is a pocket-sized introduction to spring, inspired by the Forest School movement. Building on children’s natural curiosity about the world around them, this book aims to establish a connection with nature at an early age that will go on to last a lifetime!

Hunt for seedlings, squelch around in the mud, identify birds' eggs, and build your own nest. Discover how tadpoles transform into frogs and why rainbows appear in the sky.

The first in the Wild By Nature series, A Field Guide to Spring features lyrical poems, hands-on crafts and activities, scientific facts, and identifier pages to help children find different plants and animals. Whether a child’s access to nature is in the form of an urban park, a private garden, a field, or a forest, there is so much to discover and experience.


Like a bird or flower identification book, this field guide notes the features of the season. The author encourages children to make nature their friend by being curious, creative, and kind… The book encourage use of the senses and note opportunities for readers to learn something, notice their feelings while in nature, or just be part of it all. The bulk of the book focuses on signs of spring and where to find them… Several poems will tickle readers' ears [and] lots of activities are sprinkled throughout… Brouwers' realistic, watercolor-esque illustrations are rendered in light blues, greens, and yellows… An ode to spring that will have readers getting out in nature.

— Kirkus Reviews


Gabby Dawnay


Gabby Dawnay is a writer and poet. She is the author of over twenty books for children, including the bestselling If I Had a … series. She is a regular contributor to OKIDO magazine and a scriptwriter for children's television.

Dorien Brouwers

Illustrated By

Dorien Brouwers is an award-winning illustrator and author from the Netherlands. Based in the United Kingdom, she won the Cross-Category Award in the 2022 AOI World Illustration Awards, a gold in the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, and was shortlisted for the Bologna Children's Book Fair 55th Illustrator's Exhibition.

Louise Black

Contributions By

Louise Black is a deputy headteacher who holds her Level 3 Forest School Leader qualification. She is passionate about the outdoors and runs regular Forest School sessions and supports providing outdoor learning for all children.