A Day in Ricetown A Ricemonster Activity Book


Children play with paper puppets, color, and draw as they get to know Ricetown’s lovable inhabitants

Created by the inventive Noodoll team, which produces stationery and gifts with modern and trendy graphics, this activity book with paper puppets to move and play with is an introduction to the wonderful world of Ricetown and the Ricemonsters who live there.

Included with the book are eight movable paper puppets that slot into die cuts on each spread: six cute Ricemonster characters and two blank puppets for children to decorate. A mixture of puzzles, games, coloring, and drawing activities, this hands-on activity book is packed full of fun! Children can draw pictures around the puppets as they explore all the different areas of Ricetown and meet the different Ricemonsters. They can solve puzzles by putting the puppets in the die-cut slots, play games, make origami projects, and color in the pictures. They can paint with Ricetache in his gallery, visit Ricepapa in his barber shop, and party with all the Ricemonsters for Ricecracker’s birthday!

Designer YiYing Wang came up with the idea for Noodoll while studying for her MA at Central Saint Martins in London. The characters are inspired by her childhood in Taiwan.




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