20 Note Cards to Annoy Your Friends (Or Make Them Smile)

Ana Benaroya


These diverting note cards from the cheeky, colorful imagination of Ana Benaroya, author and illustrator of 120 Ways to Annoy Your Mother (And Influence People), are perfect for writing to friends, loved ones, and …  not so loved ones. Each is emblazoned with a unique design in Benaroya’s signature style, including beefy superheroes, playful cats, angst-ridden teenagers, and more, and is blank inside so that the sender may add their own sentiment.

Boldly printed in bright colors and irresistibly packaged, the note cards will appeal to preteen or college graduates who nurse a rebellious streak and march to the beat of their own drum.


Ana Benaroya


Ana Benaroya is an artist based in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is the author and illustrator of 120 Ways to Annoy Your Mother (And Influence People) and the author of Illustration Next. Among Ana’s clients are Lincoln Center, The New Yorker, Marc Ecko, WILCO, and ABC’s World News Tonight.