18th Century Fashion in Detail

Susan North

A rare, close-up look at the exquisite, labor-intensive details seen in fine eighteenth century clothing

This beautifully illustrated book reveals sharp pleats, high collars, gleaming pastes, colorful beads, elaborate buttons, and intricate lacework that make up some of the garments in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s extensive fashion collection. With an authoritative text, exquisite color photography of garment details, and line drawings and photographs showing the complete construction of each piece, the reader has the unique opportunity to examine up close historical clothing that is often too fragile to be on display. It is an inspirational resource for students, collectors, designers, and anyone who is fascinated by fashion and costume.

This new edition features an updated design, fresh content and new research, a comprehensive index, and an introduction that focuses on the makers and processes involved in producing 18th-century fashion.


Provides an amazing up-close look at fashion of the 18th century.

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Susan North


Susan North is the curator of Fashion, 1550-1800, at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She co-curated “Style and Splendor: Queen Maud of Norway's Wardrobe” in 2005 and has published several books for the V&A.