People of Print Innovative, Independent Design and Illustration

Marcroy Smith, Andy Cooke

An insider’s guide to the burgeoning group of designers committed to print-based graphics over digital methods 


In a world where screen-based graphics and digital design dominate the mainstream, an international community of independent designers has embraced traditional printmaking techniques to create some of the most innovative graphics ever.

For People of Print, Marcroy Smith, founder of the website Marcroy, and Andy Cooke, his longtime collaborator, have brought together the work of more than forty-five of the hottest designers, illustrators, and collectives currently committed to the tactility, materiality, and visible craft of print, alongside the gallerists and promoters who are key figures in this creative scene. A dazzling array of work is presented, made to adorn paper, posters, flyers, packaging, fanzines, self-published books, textiles and fashion, and exhibition design, accompanied by profiles of each printer, in-depth interviews, information on innovative design techniques, and a comprehensive reference section.

With a broad range of designers from the United States, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, and beyond, People of Print will be an essential and inspirational resource for graphic designers and illustrators as well as anyone who appreciates that print is the future.


[This] beautifully adorned tome …explores a world in which GIFs, generative imagery and fractals have become ubiquitous.


Amidst this sea of screen-based masterpieces …Marcroy Smith and Andy Cooke are spotlighting the designers, illustrators and collectives who are still embracing the traditional print techniques …from the fanzine masters and self-published bookmakers to the poster artists and comic illustrators.

— The Huffington Post

Perhaps the most inspiring and authoritative book on the subject. People of Print is an essential read for designers, illustrators, and artists who understand that print is the future.

— Washington Book Review

All of the arguments that have raged over print versus digital seem to have gotten rather stale —that is, until now. This impressive selection of work by hand-press, silk-screen, stencil and other D.I.Y. makers of art provides a fresh alternative to computer production, much like the English Arts and Crafts movement, which triggered an anti-industrial style in the late 19th century. 'People of Print' is a guide to the various and aesthetically varied printing mavens and preservationists who are inadvertently forging a new international style.

— New York Times Book Review

From the sans-serif textscapes of Portugal's And Atelier to the lurid pop-culture collages of Singapore's Mojoko, the book sends a clear, exquisitely designed message to a world that sees and presents its images increasingly in a digital format, on screen: Long live print!

— Surface

This paean to those who embrace print's potential is colorful and inspiring…The entire People of Print philosophy flies in the face of pundits declaring the demise of print.

— Communication Arts


Marcroy Smith


Marcroy Smith is a London-based illustrator and founder of People of Print, the world’s largest online directory of independent designers working with print.

Andy Cooke


Andy Cooke is a Manchester-based graphic designer and collaborator with Marcroy Smith on People of Print. He runs the design agency MayNinth.